Free, Simple, and Effective Data Source (DIVA-GIS)

DIVA-GIS is one of the Geographical Information System (GIS) open source software programs used to analyze spatial data. The software was designed for the first time for wild potatoes in south America.

DIVA-GIS is not only an open source GIS software, but it’s also data provider platform in every segment such as river, land use land cover, roads, digital elevation model image, settlements etc. in different format (ZIP, KML or KMZ, Shapefile etc.) for the whole world.

You can download data with the help of the below link:

Current version of DIVA-GIS 7.5, can be downloaded from the original website. You Can Download Software with from the following link:

Download DIVA-GIS 7.5, also download older version as well 7.4, 7.3, and 7.1.

DIVA-GIS includes three sections; first, their website which looks as Download Program (You are able to download full package of new and old software and contact support), second, Documentation section (You can download training manually such as basic mapping and GIS techniques, download tutorial in the form of pdf and spatial, exercises of DIVA-GIS, you can find research articles of DIVA-GIS), and the third and last and  the most important one  is Free Spatial Data (You can download freely data of all over the world in different format (shp, kml etc.) such as  administrative boundary (State, country, province, district, zones boundary), Inland water, roads, railroads, elevation, gazetteer, climatic and population.)

With the help of DIVA-GIS one can do mapping and analysis for different application such as hydrology, climate and especially for biodiversity (distribution of species).

Read more about DIVA-GIS…. Link


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