Georeferencing, Digitization, And Their Layout Using Google Earth Image Through ArcGIS Software

In this tutorial we will learn about how to georeferencing, digitization, and their layout using google earth image through ArcGIS software, you will also learn how to create roads, settlements, hospitals, parks, rivers and so many other features to build, the steps are given below.

  1. First, select your desired image from Google Earth and then take four points and coordinates with labels, then save your desired image
  2. Open ArcGIS software to georeferenced and Digitized your image
  3. Select Add the image where you have saved it, the 1st step is to geo-referencing of the image, go to properties of Layer to select the Coordinate System, select the predefined and then Geographic Coordinate system, select WGS 1984, add the coordinates of the four points, insert the coordinates in the table, after adding the coordinates go to geo-referencing and rectify it.
  4. The 2nd step is now digitization, go to the arc catalog and then Right click go to new and click on shapefile, add a name, feature type and select WGS 1984 and then OK, add the shapefile into the table of content, now go to the Editor to start Editing, add points and then save it and then stop it, right-click on the shapefile and click on its attribute table then click the option to add field, add all points, line, and polygon depending on the shape and feature and make it ready for layout by using different symbology and label feature on.
  5. The 3rd step is to create layout for about data, click on the layout and select your desired page and layout, go to insert and add legend, title, text bar, text scale, North arrow, and text, click on File on the menu bar and then click on Export Map, select the format: pdf, jpg, tiff, etc. and it is the resultant map where you want to save.
  6. The following video link are the instruction for further procedure.

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