Georeferencing Google Earth Image Through ArcGIS 10


Georeferencing is may be defined as; “The process assigning vector or raster data to an exact location in relation to the earth’s coordinate system (latitude and longitude).”

But in this tutorial I discuss how to georeferenced image with help of  Google earth pro, taking image from Google earth then add to GIS software then work on it.

In this session, I am going through some steps which help us process a Google earth image, etc. into a georeferenced.

  • First, select your image from Google Earth and then take four points and coordinates with labels
  • Then save it
  • Add The Data/image map.JPEG
  • Define the coordinate system
  • Add control points (latitude and longitude)
  • Then save or rectify
  • Then your image is georeferenced


  1. Just wanna tell that this is very helpful , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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