Is Coordinator App Being the Best for Geospatial Technology

There are several apps in the market we are using for field survey. Coordinator app is also one of them to collect coordinates, find coordinates, calculate area, conversion of coordinates and measure the distance. Are able to access in IOS, Google Play and HUAEI.

Coordinator App Features

Why coordinator app is important to use?

  • We can collect coordinate data of land by choosing the coordinate system.
  • We will be able to take GPS coordinates.
  • We can view coordinate data and search addresses on a map.
  • We will be able to see the distance between current and previous point on how long on the map.
  • Also, we will be able to see the elevation difference between two points.
  • We will be able to convert the coordinate system.
  • We can insert and manually typing coordinates into this app.
  • Coordinator app also exist many useful and informative tools for user in coordinates, maps and GIS.

List of the Coordinate system

The following few coordinate systems are listed below….

GPS (WGS 84), WGS 84 – 6 ̊ UTM, NAD 1983 HARN State Plane Coordinate Systems, Nord Sahara 1959 / UTM 6, Nahrwan 1967 / UTM, and many more coordinate systems for different countries such United State, India, Indonesia etc. are available in this useful app.

Download app

The following link will help you to download the app for different devices…

  1. IOS…. LINK
  2. Google Play…. LINK

Here is the original Link of Coordinator App

——————————- LINK ——————————-

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