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25 GIS Applications and Uses

Geographic Information Systems is a broad field in information technology that, like any other thriving technology, has a wide range of applications in various disciplines. Some well-known GIS applications are listed below. 1. Mapping: Mapping in GIS is the main function that gives a visual representation of data. Making informed decisions, Monitoring change, and …

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What is GIS and Their Usage?

GIS stands for Geographical Information System simply put GIS is a business information management system that helps us to capture, analyze, and present spatial information on a map. GIS is a powerful tool for helping planners to make smarter decisions in urban environments. The easiest way to think of GIS …

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Top 5 Free Open Source GIS Software

Everyone looking for free or open-source software these five have the best option to work on it without any cost you can use this…. GIS software have two format one is open source and the other one is commercial. Open source software’s are those which you don’t have to pay …

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