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Top Five Benefits of GIS

Top Five Benefits of GIS GIS is useful to organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Due in part to greater standards-based technology and increased awareness of these advantages among GIS users, GIS is becoming more and more well-liked and recognized for its economic and strategic usefulness. Enterprise solutions for …

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What is Remote Sensing?

What is Remote Sensing? Remote Sensing is one of the top most trending technologies that are having a growing impact on applied and scientific research. Remote Sensing may also be defined as “Acquiring information without any physical contact about a phenomenon or object especially of earth surface from satellite or …

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What are GPS systems used for?

“Geo” comes from Greek words which means earth and “spatial” means relating to space. Geospatial technology equipment used to measure and analyzing the earth’s land and features. Such systems are the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) which are used for Geospatial work. GPS was devolved by …

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