Top 5 Free Open Source GIS Software

Everyone looking for free or open-source software these five have the best option to work on it without any cost you can use this….

GIS software have two format one is open source and the other one is commercial.

Open source software’s are those which you don’t have to pay for that and commercial software’s contains a paid subscription you have to pay for that.

Following are the best five GIS Software used for different field of study;

  1. QGIS:

QGIS is one of the best free open source software which freely available, QGIS tremendously growing the accuracy of software, nowadays is going 3.12 version so it updated day by day.

QGIS is the only free GIS software which is comparable to ArcGIS, QGIS interface is a little bid similar to ArcGIS which user allow to quickly customized their plugin and tools.

QGIS used for different task such geospatial analysis, climatic data, environmental application, groundwater, disaster risk reduction, terrain analysis and many more.

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  1. gvSIG:

gvSIG is the second option used freely after QGIS, gvSIG released to use for public, 2004.

It is very easy to understand and use, and also allowing user to make layouts, and access geoprocessing without any advance level of knowledge.

gvSIG is the only open source software platforms with a Mobile app for android. This make a good option for users to collect data or create makes in the field.

Gv SIG support both raster and vector data and 3D visualization.

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GRASS stand for Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) it is used for land management and environmental planning, software also features overs 350 geoprocessing tools.

GRASS GIS is a free GIS software option for geospatial analysis, statistics, terrain analysis and image processing, and also used both raster and vector data in GRASS GIS.

GRASS GIS develop by US army but it is still used by academia, government agencies and environmental consultant (NOAA, NASA, USDA and USGS).

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  1. ILWIS:

ILWIS stand for (Integrated land and Water Information Systems) is a GIS and remote sensing software for both raster and vector data. ILWIS was developed and distributed by ITC Enschede in the Netherlands for use by its researchers and students. Since 1 July 2007, it has been released as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The current version is ILWIS 4 and it’s a little bid similar to the GRASS GIS in many respects.

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  1. SAGA GIS:

SAGA stand for (System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses) and also one of the best open source software.

The standard modules for SAGA GIS are; file access, filter for grids, gridding, geostatistics, grid calculator, grid discretization, grid tools, image classification projections, simulation dynamic processes, terrain analysis and vector tools.

SAGA GIS is an effective tool with user friendly GUI, and available for Linuz, Windows, and FreeBSD.

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