What are GPS systems used for?

“Geo” comes from Greek words which means earth and “spatial” means relating to space. Geospatial technology equipment used to measure and analyzing the earth’s land and features. Such systems are the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) which are used for Geospatial work.

GPS was devolved by the US dept. of Defense in 1973. It was originally designed to help military service members to help as they move planes, ships, and vehicles to the correct locations around the world.

Now a day, GIS and GPS are two interrelating technology which is used for different applications. GPS can be used to help nowadays navigate airplanes, cars, ships and many other things that can be used GPS. Now GPS is used for different businesses like Uber, Careem apps, etc. which are used for helping people to travel one area to another. GPS plays an important role in the scientific community which is used in different applications such as network analysis, water quality, metrology, Geology, etc…

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