How GIS Is Used for Land Use/Land Cover

Geographical Information System (GIS) is one of the top computer and geospatial technologies that has thousands of millions of different applications. Also GIS is cost-effective, accurate, and easy to use etc…

Since, Land use/Land cover (LULC) change detection nowadays is a trending topic in the field of geospatial technologies. therefore, GIS easily access the changes that take place. Moreover, it can be found very accurately using satellite imagery. People use LULC for various purposes, such as research study for groundwater potential zones, site selection, droughts, climate change, forestry, deforestation, and many more….

In addition, we also discuss the difference between land use and land cover. Land use shows its users how to use the land, while the land cover indicates the type of physical land. Both the types of data are often obtained by analyzing aerial or satellite images.

Apart from that, the role of GIS in LULC cover applications is that, the users can identify the variations for different areas and it can identify and assess the changes in the LULC pattern within a specified time. It also helps to find out sudden changes in LULC either by natural or by other activities…

Moreover, many time GIS applications in LULC about change detection how much area covered by water bodies, vegetation’s, barren land, settlements etc. for some time like thirty years (10-year gap per analysis) before and after analysis how much changes their LULC change detection, people used different indexes and techniques to determine LULC change detection for their project…

Land Use Land Cover Map



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