How to Learn GIS from MOOC ?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are one of the greatest sources that have plenty of free online courses available any time. It provides an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, advance your career, achieve the set out goals to be able to deliver high-quality educational experiences on a large scale.

Most of the people want to improve their skills free of cost, for which MOOCs is an effective source that help us to gain access to free online courses. approximately millions of people around the globe use MOOCs to learn new things.

MOOCs has a special package for all type of filed such as GIS, remote sensing, geology, geography, environmental science, computer science, business, accounting, etc. But now the great new for Geospatial technology used to build and improve their skills by enrolling their courses freely it provides a license for GIS software under completing their course.

My personal experience of MOOCs is that I was enrolled in a couple of courses such as Cartography, it was very interesting and knowledgeable. The main and very interesting thing were their high quality and professional teachers, who teach very friendly.

One of the best course of MOOCs are given below:

Going to a place with spatial analysis:

This course is designed for those who know a little bit about data analysis and want to learn new skills about spatial data analysis and deeper understanding. It’s free of cost and a full access to software that used in the course.

The course syllabus includes 6 sections, to know more about the syllabus click the given link.


See More About the course:


See more courses of MOOCs.


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