Supervised And Unsupervised Classification Of Landsat 8 In ArcGIS

In this tutorial let us learn how to carry out supervised and unsupervised classification of Landsat 8 image in ArcGIS software which are given below.

So before supervised and unsupervised classification we need add band and then make band composite for your requirements then we will go for classification.

Supervised classification:

Supervised classification are those, which identify classes through image interpretation techniques and make signature file for Features.

Following are steps for supervised classification;

  1. So first we need image classification menu in ArcGIS software.
  2. Then we will go for training sample for your requirements.
  3. Then save signature file for making feature classes.
  4. Then apply maximum likelihood then done your classification then you need to change color for your requirement classes.

Unsupervised classification:

Unsupervised classification are those, which automatically identify classes nearly matching pixel value of image of specified number of classes.

Following steps for unsupervised classification;

  1. Direct apply iso-cluster unsupervised classification, then gives number of classes for your requirement what you need for your assignment or project.
  2. Then apply and ok.

The link below;

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