What is environment and How To keep Clean ?

What is environment?

Environment consists of water, air and land; it consists of everything we can see around like trees, plants, flower, animals, birds and also peoples. People likes mother, neighbors, friends are all parts of the environment, animals like pet dogs and cats are also part of the environment, the fishes in the pond are also found in the environment, trees with birds, butterflies on colorful roses, green grass on the earth, and the blue sky above, all make the environment.

keep environment clean

Environment satisfies all our needs; it provides us clean air that we breath, water that we drink, food that we eat, clothes that we cover our body. We live on earth because we are a part of this environment, so this environment belongs to all of us. Let us to help keep environment safe and clean.

How to keep environment clean?

  1. Save Water: Close the tap when not in use
  2. Save Electricity: Switch off the light when not in use
  3. Say no to Littering: Use the trash bin
  4. Save Paper: Keep files digital
  5. Use Carpooling: Carpooling reduces air pollution and fuel consumption
  6. Say no to plastic bags: use cotton bags instead of plastic bags
  7. Conserve power: Use renewable energy sources
  8. Plants and trees more: Plants absorb indoor pollutants

Make every day clean and safe….

We are all responsible citizens need to collaborate and save our Environment.


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