What is GIS and Their Usage?

GIS stands for Geographical Information System simply put GIS is a business information management system that helps us to capture, analyze, and present spatial information on a map.

GIS is a powerful tool for helping planners to make smarter decisions in urban environments.

The easiest way to think of GIS is the viewer integrated system of components. GIS includes information about the real world that is in simple files and abstracted into a digital database including spatial and non-spatial features.

GIS is also composed of the hardware, software, data, people, and methods that allow for the analysis of the data. In addition, GIS also includes the user for expert judgment to produce a solution to spatial problems.

One of the main parts of the GIS is maps. Maps are abstraction or simplification of real worlds, that are indispensable in the field of planning, maps are critical helping planner understand and analyses in the existing urban environments and planned for future. The planner is to understand wide drives spatial features, like road networks, land uses, zoning districts, etc.

GIS can be used to increase efficiency and flexibility of a number of planning functions such as open space in park plan, land use plan, economic development, infrastructure madness, restore preservation, traffic analyses, taxes collection, and demographic analyses and among many other factors that understand in order to effectively to run a city, but better representing these elements GIS allows planners to make better decisions.

Some of the company allows users to attend GIS courses like Esri company, in these courses covering some the important concept and theories that are critical understanding of how GIS works. Mostly these courses are hand on working on software that makes maps with different types of spatial analyses. And also, users allow getting software license, data for processing, and many more thing it needed throughout their courses.

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